Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Pushbikes are faster, safer and more needed than you think. For more affordable housing, more jobs and happier society, we need pushbikes for transport.

Members, non-members, and non-students are Welcome!
To get Bike Love Corral membership (for free) you now have to join the happy and fast roads petition as described at (a more user friendly website then the text dump below).  We recommend this for discounts, discovering safer cycling routes, safer lane position, learning about the crazy bike pictures on the roads, ordering or for borrowing bike library bikes.


If the safety information below was important, would you already know it? Or would the roads already be made safe for you?   No, and No, the roads in Newcastle are not safe for pedestrians, motorists or cyclists.  A lot of the safety information below is not known.  So 15 minutes of reading might save your life later.  So relax on the quick scrolling down through the below text, because we have compiled information to make your Newcastle experience awesome.


Corner of Design Rd and Central Lane, Callaghan 2308 (University). More directions below. Design Rd is at the end of Richardson Rd which is in most St directories.  Eg:
Map :
Saturday is easiest for car parking in front of our building.  But other days are ok
Open Times:  Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm (members and non-members welcome)
Closed Times:  See
Phone: 0249138144 (Incoming only)


Top 5 happy cycling tips
1: Never ride close to parked cars (even when bike pictures on roads confuse you).  Unseen children can open car doors and push you into traffic.  NSW Road Rules 153, 144 & 247 advise to ride the safe way (usually 1.5m away from parked cars).
2: Bicycle seats too low cause knees to hurt, slower cycling, and less enjoyment. Leg rotation too slow causes you to tire quickly.  Learn cycle skill of hopping forward off your bike seat every time you stop.  Do not set your bike seat height for when you are stopped.
3: Discover safer routes (Google maps do not always give the safest way) and extra info at
4: Lock your bike up inside after dark (never leave locked up overnight in the public (trains stations, main roads, at Uni, etc), too high a risk of it being stolen). Report thefts to 131444
5. Report bad bus driving to, they have cameras on board to prove they were dangerous.  Buses require a 4 second safety gap to the car in front of them (about 60 metres at 60km/hr).  Anything less than 4 seconds and they are tailgating.  Be happy to know that you can have good safety on pushbikes, and not tailgate like 99% of cars do.
Why Bike Love Corral?
When you get used to cycling, the car becomes less convenient.  Pushbikes are the missing link in our city for a happy, safe, fast transport mix .  We try to Corral (bring) together appropriate solutions/groups to have world's best practice involving these issues: Happiness, faster travel, better jobs, obesity epidemic, negative indirect effects, road rage (congestion), active and healthy lifestyle, affordable housing, causing less danger, urban sprawl, etc.  For less road congestion, we need to get more people on buses, trains, and pushbikes.

Pushbikes are faster, safer and more needed than you think.For more affordable housing, more jobs and happier society, we need pushbikes for transport. 
We will eventually get a safe pushbike network, but we can discover safer cycling skills to be safer than cars now (all cars dangerously tailgating – see below).  Door-to-door on a bike (and finding shortcuts in backstreets) can be faster than finding car parking/waiting for buses.  Combine transport with exercise (needed for body and mind happiness every day) you save time.
More dense cities are faster (spread out suburbs are inefficient) and cost benefit ratios for bike paths show increase in society health and increase in business/shops near them.
All excuses can be solved for why you don’t pushbike more (with all the information on the internet there is no excuse for you not to find it)
The only negative to pushbikes is the same as learning to ride for the 1st time, very frightening, but very rewarding when you gain the “1st world skill” of “learning to ride a bike”.  With robot automated cars in the future (invented to mainly save millions of lives from car crashes), the “rite of passage” of learning to “drive a car” will no longer be the modern day “you are now grown up for going out into the world”.   The next “rite of passage” will be learning to ride a pushbike skillfully and safely (seat height / stopping skills / leg rotation speed for faster more efficient riding.  Learning shortcuts, learning the actual safety of cars and lane position).  The RMS (state authority) recommends a 3 second safety gap between a car following another car, but most people leave only 1 to 2 seconds.  This is why many safety conscious people give up on the car because they cannot control the car dangerously following them.  You can gain much more safety and control on a pushbike by learning better skills and back streets.  Pushbike advocates love to help people find better backstreets, and to make submissions many government things because pushbikes are a critical part of a happy and ethical society.
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