Sunday, March 2, 2014

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Bike Love Corral is not-for-profit, community volunteer based, for an ethical, safe, non-discriminating, healthy, sustainable transport network for cyclists, active transport and 3 wheeled mobility electric/assist devices, and safe cycle networks benefit wheelchair users aswell.
We take ethical responsibility for our products and accept them back to be re-used by other people. Not like other shops where they don't care how much of their product goes to landfill, to pollute the environment. 
Properly repaired & maintained bikes should ride like new ones!
If yours doesn't, then it needs fixing. No excuses for unsafe bikes!

A well maintained bike will keep working safely. Remember to fix any small
problems ASAP, otherwise they become bigger and take longer to fix.
Save money, resources, and the planet and don't buy new bikes or new parts.
If you are annoyed at your bike it might be due to the bike set-up or riding style, so ask for some info. Best way to maintain a bike is to use it each day, use the brakes and gears. Keep it out of the weather overnight. Get a black plastic cover from us if your bike has to be left outside overnight (the dew each morning rusts up cables).

Get a spare, 2nd hand, back-up bike!
This is quite important, but many people learn the hard way when their only bike breaks down, or is stolen.
Having a back-up bike puts your mind at ease, so you don't get rushed into
buying a new bike when something unfortunate happens to the bike you're riding. Or when you goto head off in the morning and you have a flat tire. Hop on your spare! Or have a not-so-good bike you can lock up somewhere and not worry (too much that it's stolen)
We have flashing red safety LED lights for $2.  We recommend sticky tape around seals of lights to stop water/rain. Or try Marte's trick of a cover over your backrack to stop mud/water going onto seat mounted rear lights or your clothes. Some commuting bikes they have mudgaurds. But don't use mudgaurds with knobly "mountain bike" tyres because the knobly bits can catch on the mudgaurd and cause damage, mudgaurd squashing and bike stopping. Especially a possible life threatening problem on front wheels.

BIKE BUS with the Bike Love Corral : some Thursdays (contact us to confirm), am at the Gateway Hotel, Maitland Road, Islington, and pick up extra riders on the way to Uni. The map is : Anyone is welcome to join the Bike Bus.

Bike Bus etiquette:
Follow all road rules. Most cyclists don’t know them all. The ride leaders will know them if you are unsure. Be safe, it’s not a race. If we get to our destination 10 minutes late it’s OK. No need to take risks to try and save time. Stay in the group and you won’t get lost. Stay behind the ride leader and in front of the tail-end ride leader. If you want to leave the group let a ride leader know.
Try and travel in a straight line so you are predictable - don't weave back into the curb every time there are no parked cars.

Because no previous written documentation existed about the NUSA, NuBUG and the Bike Love Corral relationship, NUBUG wanted to produce a written document as below (to explain their understanding of the current verbal agreements between the parties.  The relationship has existed successfully for about 10 years (part time in front of NUSA building prior to Bike Hub East building) with many verbal agreements, and mutual coperations.  NUBUG has informed NUSA of the document below but it is unknown if NUSA have formally passed any motions in any meetings about it.

FORMALISING the NUSA, NuBUG and the Bike Love Corral relationship.*(refer previous paragraph for further clarification of below)
The following was endorsed at NUBUG’s  March 2015 AGM
NUSA, NuBUG and the Bike Love Corral
1. The Bike Love Corral (BLC) is located in a room in the Bike Hub East building leased by UoN to NUSA for the purposes of bicycle related activities.
2. NUSA allows NuBUG (Newcastle University bike users group, Affiliated club of NUSA) to use and operate the bicycle workshop space.
3. NuBUG operate the bike workshop as the Bike Love Corral.
4. NuBUG elects BLC co­ordinator/s to co­ordinate BLC activities.
5. Bike Love Corral activities include: a. NuBUG meetings/events, b. use of food/sink/lunch table area, c. promoting pushbikes (through discussion, information, workshops, information handouts and websites, petitions), d. BLC volunteers provide fixing help, parts, fixing/cycling workshops, sourcing bikes.  e. NuBUG runs a Bike Library where funds are kept in NuBUG bank account for future bike returns. 
6. As an affiliate of NUSA, NUSA insurance covers all these BLC activities, so long as: a. all activities are under the NuBUG brand b. volunteers are members of NuBUG, student or staff of UON. c. all UON events with individuals riding bicycles off campus are documented to NUSA in writing.d. all UON events with individuals riding bicycles on campus are made aware of their own risk when riding a bicycle
7. Bike Love Corral permit the use of the facility to: a. all students and staff of UON b. all NuBUG members c. other local pushbike activist groups (E.g. Newcastle Cycleways Movement meetings)
8. NuBUG aims to embed the Bike Love Corral concept and use of appropriate space into University organisation policy, procedures and associated resource support.
The original BLC aims and activities for Accommodation for the BIKE LOVE CORRAL on Callaghan Campus of The University of Newcastle is below.  It was based on the 500mx500m proposal not the 3m x12m current space.  It did not include the required NUSA, NuBUG and Bike Love Corral relationship for insurance purposes.  It lists many activities, which are included in the above "5. Bike Love Corral activities include: a. NuBUG meetings/events".  

The NUBUG constitution incudes many of the below aims and activities.  So, like many descriptions of activities it is better to leave it open ended (i.e. NuBUG meetings/events), rather then limit yourself to a list of fixed activities, which you will never get 100% correct.  The above was also not done to replace the BLC Scope Of Works document.

Extract from BLC Scope Of Works June 15th 2011:
The purpose of the proposed building is to promote the aims of, and accommodate the activities of the BLC.
The aims include: To promote cycling for recreation, sport, health and commuting. To promote cycling for environmental and sustainability reasons. To promote the safety of cyclists. To improve the environment through making public spaces liveable, reduce car use thus reducing noise pollution, air pollution, CO2 equivalent emissions, paved roads, urban sprawl and car parks and reduce dangerous interactions between cars and pedestrians and bikes and reduce road rage. Being a centre of bike culture.  To promote bike culture over car culture as an ongoing aim in close cooperation with other bike and cycling groups including the Newcastle University Bike Users’ Group (NUBUG) who have hosted BLC on Callaghan Campus. Likewise cooperate with The University of Newcastle, Facilities Management, Tom Farrell Institute, NUSA Environment Collective, NUSPORT and any other university entities in areas of shared aims. To promote participation and cooperation with all the partner bike groups that endorse and support BLC. To provide cheap and environmentally sustainable transport to all people including those of limited means like students. To reuse and bring back into service unwanted bikes and bike parts so as to keep operating costs at a minimum and reduce the environmental impact
The activities include: Collecting donated bikes and parts and storing them for future reuse. Repairing, maintaining and bringing back into service bikes from visitors to the BLC and from storage. Providing a safe and healthy work environment for bike repairs and maintenance. Providing information about other bike and cycling groups. Providing instruction on bike repair and maintenance. Provide instruction on cycling safety and reducing the risk of collision with motor vehicles. Likewise reduce the risk of collision between cyclists and pedestrians. Providing a comfortable meeting place for people interested in bikes and cycling (including NUBUG) to organise, plan and publicise bike activities, promotional activities, lobbying activities, fundraising activities and administrative activities. Also for social interactions, social functions, team building and community spirit.  Provide suitable office resources to research bike topics, store information, communicate and print material.  Being an attractive, interesting, friendly place that encourages participation by users and volunteers. Providing rewards for cyclists, users and volunteers to cycle as the preferred mode of transport, to help increase the number of cyclists, users and volunteers.